HW week #2 English @ MBO 2

I have learned a lot about the way Friese Poort and Friesland College handle English at their school. The biggest impression that I get is that having just a single language department seems like a much easier way to teach students a L2. This way we can submerge our pupils in the language and give them an environment in which we create safety and fun.

The biggest differences that I see with the HBO and MBO (I’ve experienced lessons on both.) is that students are more limited in what they are allowed to achieve on the MBO. Aiming higher than the qualification-file is not done, in most cases.

To me this is something that needs to be changed. I’m curious as to see how I can have an influence on this process. I’d love to have future pupils to be able to go beyond what is expected from them. But sadly, the how has still eluded me.

The most noteworthy part of the book, which I also used as the image for this post, is that students can work independently on their exercises. The variation between levels give a good indication on the ERK-levels pupils are on, which could be used again to adjust your lesson plans accordingly.

In general, I still want to give the MBO a go. Although, I’m curious as to how I’ll hold up.