2018, book 20, Baker Thief, Claudie Arseneault

★★★★★ | Goodreads | Preorder link 1 | Pre order overview

This book is the most adorable, frustrating and annoyingly well-written book that I have had the privilege of reading this year so far. I need some of Claudie’s talent for writing because I am in love with it.

The story follows our bigender protagonist and the deuteragonist from an intricate perspective. As a reader, I am left in the dark just enough that I can see something coming, but can never deduce what it is exactly. Can you see my frustration? Because I sure as heck can.

Lore is something I am always interested in and the idea of exocores peaked my interest and the detailing that went into that was truly splendid. I loved that we learned more about them in sync with our characters. Of which Livia is definitely my favourite by the by!! Can I get a spin-off with her as the main character in the future?

I will admit that the pronouns switching for our protagonist took some getting used to. It’s not every day you encounter it, at least not in my social circles. Once I made the connection to the protagonist’s two names, I just kept on reading and reading and reading. And did I mention reading yet?

The story led me through it with a pleasant pace and hours flew by without me realising it. I read until 02.00 ish before I realised what time it was in the first half. Whoops.

Go and order the book if you haven’t already, but do it before 26th of June 2018, and you might just get some delicious recipes with it.

Full details can be found on Claudie’s blog: http://claudiearseneault.com/
or in this post here: Baker Thief release tour


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