ARC review + PROMO, 2018, book 23, Amendments, Hannah M. Lynn

★★★☆☆ | Goodreads | Amazon

I received a copy of this book from Hannah herself for an honest review.

”Amendments is difficult to pigeonhole, but I believe is best described as The Time-Traveler’s Wife meets The Handmaid’s Tale meets 1984.” – Hannah M Lynn.

The 2nd Edition is being released on the 24th May so definitely keep your eye out for this over on Amazon where it will be free to download from the 24th until the 26th!!

Emelia must choose. Her sister or her soulmate.40188423
In the near future, the Administration have ensured that the human race should never have to live with any regrets.

Like millions before her, Emelia now has the chance to go back and make the ‘correct’ decisions. The little envelope that contains her amendment will change not just her life, but that of the people she loves the most. Her sister, Finola, whose reckless and self-destructive nature have lead her dangerously close to the sinister Marchers; and Gabe, the rock that has been holding the remnants of her broken family together for as long as she can remember.

Caught between saving Finola or happiness with Gabe, she must struggle to predict how the ripples of her amendments will spread.
Two envelopes, two choices, one life.

What would you amend?

This book had me feeling all sorts of ways all at the same time. At first, I was incredibly into the story and the implications that amendments could have. However, the story quickly took an unexpected turn and become darker and angstier in tone. When looking at the flow of the story I definitely have to agree that it is done well. Moments that feel rushed have a faster pace and slower moments take their time.

Characters are created with deep flaws and intense motivations for their actions. Albeit not always for the greater good. I can’t believe I empathised with Luke. Oh my god.

I struggled to read it from time to time which I attribute to the fact that it is written in a perspective I normally don’t read in. Could this affect my enjoyment of it? I guess it did. Don’t get me wrong. It’s still a good story, but maybe just not entirely for me.

Overall this story is a dystopian future that I in no way want to take place. Emelia her life is ruined beyond repair by the system they are living in and it feels as though she subconsciously knows this too, but is afraid to act on it.

If you are into dystopian tales, please consider getting it. The Ebook is currently free to get until the 26th of May and who doesn’t like a free book!? Link to kindle store is at the top of the post.




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