Would You Rather | Tag

Thanks to Lotte @ TheReadingHobbit for tagging me in this tag. Now the following answers might not be a surprise I still think they can be interesting.

Would you rather…

1. Rather read only a series or stand-alone books?
Series. I love devouring a series in one go. I can go on and on for hours and got completely lost in a book. I would suffer too much if a book was just a stand alone.

 2. Rather read a book whose main character is male or female?
I am good either way. I really don’t have a preference for this. But since this is a would you rather, I have to choose. Therefore my choice falls on a male identifying protagonist as that is more relatable to me as a reader.

 3. Rather shop only at Barnes & Noble (or another actual bookstore) or Amazon?

I prefer bookstores, but my own small provincial town only has one bookstore and they barely sell any English books (I’m Dutch) so I either have to travel or order online, usually bookdepository. (Though I do love getting book mail, always feels like a little surprise)
– Lotte

This captures my stance on this perfectly. It’s sad that we don’t have more bookstores here, but we are lucky that we have a mediocre one when it comes to different languages that are available to us Dutchies in their store.

But for the purpose of the tag, I am picking actual bookstores. I can get lost in there for hours on end. Who needs a day out in a city when one can easily spend 6 hours browsing bookstores instead?

 4. Rather all books become movies or tv shows?
Series. The more I can get the better. I’ve heard some rumours about a Raven Boys series and I want it. Most film adaptations tend to disappoint me anyway.

 5. Rather read 5 pages per day or read 5 books per week?
5 books a week seems a bit excessive even for me. So I’d rather read 5 pages a day as long as they are one single chapter. I refuse to stop in the middle of a chapter.

 6. Rather be a professional book reviewer or an author?
Author! I am not actively taking steps towards it (yet) but in the future, I definitely want to publish a book.

 7.  Rather only read the same 20 books over and over or get to read a new book every 6 months?
Based on my interpretation of this question, I’d much rather read a new book every 6 months. That gives me two new books to discover per year.

 8. Rather be a librarian or own a bookstore?
Own a bookstore, that’s open until 02.00 so people can buy the sequel when they need it. I’d love to have a little fireplace with massive chairs around it too!

9. Rather only read your favourite genre or your favourite author?
My heart is telling me author but my brain is telling me genre because I get more books. Uhm…damn this is a tough one. I guess because I really have to pick, I’m going to say genre. Fantasy gives me loads of options including my favourite author.

 10. Rather only read physical books or eBooks?
Paperbacks for life! I need to stuff all my bookcases to the brim and then continue on the floor or in a new bookcase.

Ready to be tagged?

There is no pressure behind this tag. If you want to do it please do and if you prefer not to that is absolutely okay. Your blog, your rules after all.  xoxo

And if you, yes you, (the one reading this) want to do it to consider yourself tagged by me.

Disclaimer: I can’t seem to find the creator of this tag and therefore cannot give credit where it is due. Note that this is not an attempt to steal nor appropriate this idea. Idea and rights belong to its original creator.

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